Our Mission

Our mission is to unleash organizational potential through team alignment, empowering individuals to create an impact with meaningful purpose.

What We Value

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Individual Respect

We believe that alignment starts with respecting and including individual opinions – our ‘bottoms-up’ approach invests individuals and key stakeholders.

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Team Investment

We believe that invested teams can be empowered to create happy and healthy work environments.

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Real Impact

We believe in practical solutions and "teaching one to fish" by coaching clients on achieving their goals.

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We feel the necessity of our partners’ missions, practicing urgency and purpose with each project.

Why Choose Us

  • Laser Focus: All of our partners are mission-driven organizations who aim to grow in team alignment, goal setting, and strategic planning. Empower for Good chooses to partner with a select group of clients and works with urgency to serve as an extension of our partners.
  • High Value: We believe that what you see is what you get – when you work with Empower for Good, a top coach is your main contact and will not hand off your project to other junior team members. (If mutually agreed upon by both partners, expert consultants can be brought in on specific project areas).
  • Best of Both Worlds: Empower for Good has seen firsthand the impact of corporate discipline and systems on mission-driven organizations and brings this experience to the non-profit realm.

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Your Coach

Eileen Chao has spent her entire career focused on setting and achieving goals and brings expertise from the corporate sector to impact the nonprofit world.

Eileen began her career at Teach for America, driving her 6th grade students to high standards and attaining the highest level of performance on the state examination. She then transitioned her career to Accenture in 2004, where she consulted within the oil and gas industry. From 2006 to 2008, Eileen attained her MBA from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, where she gained best practices on collaboration across different disciplines and industries. Following Kellogg, Eileen joined Unilever from 2008 to 2011, where as a Brand Manager, she unified multiple cross-functional teams to launch 10+ innovation projects.

In 2011, Eileen returned to her home state to manage the Teacher Incentive Fund at New Schools for New Orleans until 2018. During this time, Eileen partnered with 10 CMOs and 30+ schools to ensure rigorous organizational and individual goals, launching comprehensive performance-based compensation systems.

Concurrently in 2011, Eileen launched her own consulting firm and has collaborated with numerous nonprofit organizations with project management and implementation. In 2015, Eileen launched her own career coaching organization, which allowed her to refine her facilitation, coaching and goal setting skills.

In 2018, Eileen focused her consulting practice to empower organizations by unifying individuals and teams on mission, goals and strategies. You can see a list of Eileen’s clients and testimonials here. Eileen holds a BBA in Marketing in Business Honors and Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA in Marketing, Marketing Management and Decision Sciences from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Business.