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Every client is unique and has different needs. Each of our services is customized to meet your organization's goals, preferences, and constraints. The first step is to contact us to figure out which services are right for you.

Envision a Future

We start with the end in mind and then work backwards to develop the best path to get there. During this stage, we invest key stakeholders by gathering individuals' perspectives and input and then analyze trends and organizational data to recommend a future vision.

Create a Strategy

What’s the game plan to reach your one, three, and five year goals? After developing a future with key stakeholder input, we create a strategy to get there that includes focus areas, priorities, and key activities by work stream or team.

Align Teams

A strategic plan is only useful if you have empowered teams to achieve it. This is the crucial stage where we invest teams through communication, refinement and accountability. Through careful communication and investment, we refine your strategic plan and enable teams to create group and individual SMAART goals and milestones.

Measure and Adjust

Finally, with teams aligned on vision, strategy, and goals, we coach organizations to check on progress in a way that makes sense for them. By keeping a pulse on what’s working and what’s not, teams can re-adjust their goals and priorities.

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Fresh, Energetic, and Real

We create and deliver motivating speeches based on personal experiences with transforming mission-driven organizations. All speaking engagements are personalized with relevant content based on extensive audience and industry research. The result? Fresh, energetic and real content.

How to Change the World by Changing Yourself

Eileen Chao presents a keynote speech to American Society for Clinical Pathology.

Ready to make your organization's goals a reality?

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