How can I find out if we’d be a good fit to work together?

Please contact us and we’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours to set up a preliminary phone call.

I think my organization can use your help, but I’m not sure where. How would we figure that out?

During our preliminary discussion, we will discuss your pain points and areas of concern, and from there, we will put together a proposal for your review. Each project is customized to meet your organization’s needs (e.g. if you only need help with one aspect of our process, then the proposal will only focus on that particular aspect)

Which format should I choose – Coaching, Consulting or Workshop?

This varies widely by team preference, size, organization age, budget, etc. and can be customized. Some organizations conduct an organizational assessment as a consulting project, and then follow-up with a workshop to align and invest team members. We can discuss this further on our preliminary discussion.

How much are your services?

Because every organization is different and has different priorities, constraints, etc., this too will vary, but is directly calculated based on the length of time needed to successfully complete the project.

Ready to make your organization's goals a reality?

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